Fresh Vegetables distributed to 400 vulnerable families in Kilinochchi district

COVID-19 pandemic has caused many hardships to vulnerable families especially in the rural areas of Kilinochchi district. Many families face unprecedented difficulties in accessing food items because of imposed lock downs and curfew declared by the government to prevent the transmission of the virus. The daily wage earners are the worst affected segment of the community and to provide some relief to these marginalised families CORD Sri Lanka facilitated the distribution of fresh vegetable packs to 400 families in Ulavanoor,Kallaru, Visvamadu,Tharmapuram & Piramandanaru in the district of Kilinochchi. The vegetables were transported from Nuwara-Eliya to distribution points by the Sri Lanka Army and the costs were all borne by Mr and Mrs Sujan and Jenny , long standing donors of CORD Sri Lanka from USA, and Capt. Lalin De Silva from UAE.

Sri Lanka Army provided transport to CORD staff to different locations to distribute these vegetable packs.

Backyard Poultry to improve livelihoods and family nutrition

Chinmaya organisation for Rural Development Sri Lanka , in a bid to promote livelihood enhancement and improve the family nutrition of the poorer households, distributed two-month old pullet chicks among selected 37 Self Help Group families in the villages of Tharmapuram, Piramandanaru, Ulavanoor, Kallaru, Nathan Thittam, and Paranthan in the Kilinochchi district.

These families are mostly involved in subsistence farming and they could easily manage these backyard poultry units with minimum effort to earn extra income and reduce protein malnutrition among their children. Since these indigenous birds are highly adopted to harsh environment and scavenge during the day, and hardly need any supplementary commercial feeds.The field staff of CORD will regularly visit these households to monitor the progress and provide necessary technical advice.

CORD distributes emergency dry rations to poor families in the North

CORD Sri Lanka took immediate action during the national emergency to ensure poor families with children are provided with much needed essential food items. The corona outbreak has a devastating impact on the lives of most vulnerable families living under extreme poverty conditions in the remote villages of  Jaffna and Kilinochchi district in the Northern province of Sri Lanka.

Daily wage earners are severely affected by the lockdown and have lost their livelihoods and food security. Because of the island wide school closures, the children have lost their daily meals that they depended on. CORD will continue to support these families till the country recovers from this pandemic.

Also we hope to provide a Hygiene kit to these families consisting of face masks, hand wash liquids, soap and will also enclose an awareness handbill.

We solicit your generous donation to save the poor families from this deadly virus.