How To Help – As Sponsors

“CORD is a bond of love and understanding, encouraging a process of sharing which enriches both the giver and the receiver”
– Swami Tejomayananda

Sponsoring an individual child

  • We currently have a few sponsors in Canada, USA, Australia, UK and Germany.
  • US$420 per year, providing US$35 per month.
  • The money is used to pay for tuition and other educational materials. CORD makes payment to the tuition centres directly, and require them to provide reports on the students’ attendance and performance.
  • Any balance money after tuition is paid is used to provide essential foods to the family (some of these children have only one meal a day). Also to provide livelihood support, for example providing chickens to lay eggs that can be sold.
  • CORD will provide an annual report on the student’s progress.

General Donations

  • Operational expenses of CORD.
  • Interest free loans.
  • Psychosocial intervention for both children and adults.
  • Encouraging ‘home gardening’, where women grow cash crops.
  • Investing in cashew processing plant.
  • Supporting libraries and reading clubs in the remote villages.
  • Supporting sports clubs in remote villages.
  • Some donors make specific requests on how their donation is used. For example a sponsor of a child decided to make a further donation to help the child’s family build up their livelihoods from their homes where they are looking after their children. The funds could be used to purchase for this family a hen coop and build a business based on chickens, or a sewing machine to do a tailoring business.

These projects need investments!
Your generous contribution can improve their livelihoods.



“When I help someone who needs help I myself feel happy and content. For the people who get help, learn to help others when they are in position to do so. This will create selfless motive in the world”
Jeeva Selvanandan – CORD Canada Coordinator

“Let us be humble and grateful for the opportunities available to us to serve the society and the world”
– Swami Chinmayananda