How To Help – As Volunteers

Volunteers’ feedback: Our first community service trip to the war torn area of Paranthan was very humbling. We were fortunate enough to serve Tharmarasapuram school located in a remote area of Paranthan through CORD. Our mission was to run a week long summer camp for these kids during their school vacation. My husband Lalit, my daughter Shankari & I helped to organize the camp into sports activities during the morning & educational activities during the afternoon. We taught them Soccer & cricket. There was no Proper Soccer or Cricket field. We created boundaries for the fields with cones we had purchased overseas. The kids learnt these activities swiftly & enjoyed it thoroughly. Lunch was served for the afternoon. Thereafter we taught them English, global warming, importance of tree planting & educated them on effects of illicit drug abuse. We also educated them on eating a healthy breakfast in the morning. At the end of the camp we provided the kids with some school supplies. They were so thrilled with this camp as they had never been given an opportunity like this. They thanked us & invited us to come next Summer. We provided CORD with 2 new lap tops & a projector for future use.

In addition we were very happy to witness the many mini projects that were done by the organization to help many families earn a living..

We are happy to be a part of the mission to uplift families from their poverty & make them also productive citizens of this world. We are also happy to be a part of creating a clean & healthy environment for the future generation.

Dr. Kalyani Theivanayagam.

Three students from Amrita University, Coimbatore, India volunteered to work over a period of one month in Kilinochchi district of Northern Province of Sri Lanka during their summer internship. By visiting Self Help Group (SHG) families & nearby schools, they helped to :

  • Create awareness on Health and Hygiene
  • Strengthen and Motivate SHG Women to develop their own livelihoods
  • Identified women for interest free loans to expand their livelihoods
  • Teach English

Volunteers’ feedback: Thanks to CORD organization and Tharmapuram School N0. 1 for this wonderful opportunity. It was great to teach children and to get to know local customs and traditions. We were excited to meet the school and to contribute into local community. We feel charged with the energy and got unforgettable impressions from our time in Kilinochchi. Thank you very much!

Alisa and Pasha (Russia)

Our constant support is our volunteers.
We have had volunteers from the USA, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Italy. Mostly they work with children and teachers, sharing their talents and skills.
CORD is able to provide volunteers with:
  • Assistance to obtain volunteer’s visa, which authorises the individual to work in Sri Lanka for CORD.
  • Accommodation and food allowance.

Volunteers are welcome to come for short term to long term roles, which will be in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province:

  • Long Term (Over 6 months) and Medium Term (3-6 months)
    • English, Maths and IT teachers (Tamil speakers).
    • Entrepreneurial skills: design; marketing; production etc.
  • Short Term (Less than 3 months)
    • Summer Camp, comprehensive activity programme for 5 years to 16 years old children. Sports, Music & Dance,  Art, English Language & General Knowledge

Current opportunities

  1. Teach English in Primary School in Kilinochchi
  2. Run the crowdfunding campaign for Kilinochchi Widows’ Products