Build A Future

  • We visit schools to find talented but extremely poor students.
  • We provide the students with support in the form of extra tuition, stationery, bicycles to go to school.
  • We constantly monitor their attendance; school reports; and general progress.


  • This programme started in 2011. More than 250 school students, and 100 university students have benefited.
  • Initially we selected students based on poverty not ability. Of them only 15% successfully progressed to A’Level. We now select students based on need and ability. And we expect a big improvement on achieving A’Level standard and university entrance.
  • 50% of the young students have successfully passed their Grade 5 National Scholarship Examination. This gives them an opportunity to enter to big National Schools.
  • CORD’s child sponsorship program supports deserving (good in academics) children in poor families to continue their studies successfully by providing extra tuition & essential nutrients. Less academic children are directed to join vocational training programs . Cost per sponsored child is US $35 per month. CORD will provide the sponsor an annual progress report of the child.